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Whether it’s for everyday dress-up, Halloween, or another costume event, Bluey costumes might be on your radar. Bluey is an Australian show on the Disney channel, and kids and parents adore watching the program about a family of blue and red Heeler dogs. The show teaches children life lessons, social skills, and more. Dad, Mum, Bluey, and her sister, Bingo, are the stars of the show, and there are costumes for each family member.

There are not many Bluey costumes on the market, but there are different variations that range from a shirt-style costume to a full one-piece costume with a dog head and tail. Bluey costumes come in child and adult versions, and adults can choose a more minimal “Mum” or “Dad” T-shirt if they don’t want a full costume. Your Bluey fan will love their Bluey costume and feel like part of the show if they match the whole family.

Who is your child’s favorite Bluey character?

Before starting the search for Bluey costumes, make sure your child has decided which character is their favorite. Kids can choose from Bluey, her family members, and her friends. If you are going to match as a family, make a plan for who will dress up as each character so you know what sizes to look for.

Did You Know?

Bluey is a six-year-old dog who goes to school and loves games.



Choosing the best Bluey costume

Full-body costume

Full-body Bluey costumes are the most realistic. They consist of one-piece outfits with long sleeves and pants that stop at the ankles, a mask or attached hood with the character’s face and ears, and a tail. The colors coordinate with the character the costume is modeled after. Many full-body costumes are made with a fuzzy plush, cotton, or polyester material.

Kids love full-body costumes because they look so much like the real characters. Hooded costumes are easier for younger children to wear than masks so their face is not covered. Keep in mind that these costumes can get warm, especially with hoods. If you live in a warm environment, look for a thinner Bluey costume, and do not layer underneath. Full costumes are available in adult and child sizes.


Another option for a Bluey costume is to buy a costume with components that look more like regular clothing. There are short and long-sleeved shirts that feature each character’s picture and name, especially for Bluey’s family. The shirts can easily be paired with matching pants to mimic the character’s look. Some shirts and sweatshirts even have hoods with character faces and ears. Parents who want a minimal outfit rather than a full-body dog costume may wish to consider a Bluey shirt that shows their chosen character.

Bluey vs. competitors

The Bluey official website lists costumes with links to purchase them at certain retailers. These costumes are backed by the show itself, so the character colors are accurate. These costumes include a mask instead of a hood to represent the dog’s head, and the back has Velcro. The website also lists adult one-piece costumes that come with a headband with dog ears. The most realistic costumes on the Bluey website are also available on Amazon and feature Velcro headwear with plush character heads and a Velcro tail on the back.

Other sellers offer Bluey costumes as well. These costumes are very similar to the characters’ appearances. They are made with a soft plush material that is more like a dog’s coat, elastic cuffs, a tail, and a Velcro headpiece with a plush character head on top. Notably, you can find these costumes in baby sizes, which are often hard to find. We recommend checking out Amazon for these costumes as well.

The Bluey characters love to dance, and kids will enjoy pretending to be Bluey and Bingo while dancing in their Bluey costumes.



What features do Bluey costumes have?


Full-body Bluey costumes come with a mask, a headband with ears, and a hat or hood with the character’s head on top. The masks have elastic bands that wrap around the head. The headbands are soft with a plastic core and plush or felt ears.


The body of a full-body costume is one piece with Velcro or zipper closures. The outfit has long sleeves and pants with the same colors as the character. Most full costumes have a relaxed fit.


Most one-piece Bluey costumes have tails on the back. Many are thin and made of felt, while some are filled with plush and have more of a 3D style. Most tails attach with Velcro and can be removed easily.

Did You Know?

Bingo is Bluey’s four-year-old sister and is a red heeler dog with different coloring.



How can you accessorize Bluey costumes?

Bluey costumes can be accessorized with masks that are sold separately. Most costumes include headwear, but a mask is a good accessory for a costume that’s more like clothing.

Hobby-related items

Other accessories might incorporate the character’s favorite hobbies. For example, Bluey and her family love to dance, so you could accessorize a costume with a small and lightweight boombox. You can even play music from the show while dressed up.


Most Bluey costumes do not come with footwear. You can wear any shoes with the costume, but if you want them to be more realistic, you could wear slippers with durable rubber soles that match the character’s color. You could also use hot glue or elastic to attach felt on top of or around shoes to look like dog paws.

It is easy to put together matching Bluey costumes for a family of four.



How much do Bluey costumes cost?


Less expensive Bluey costumes cost between $15 and $25. This includes accessories, Bluey shirts, and some one-piece full costumes with masks.


Mid-range Bluey costumes cost between $25 and $35. Most hooded one-piece costumes fall in this range.


More expensive Bluey costumes cost over $35. More realistic and higher quality costumes like the one-piece outfit with a plush dog hat cost around $35. Many adult costumes also have a higher cost.


  • Wash the costume early. Wash the costume at least a few days before it will be worn to make sure you have time to find a new one if it shrinks or falls apart in the wash. With proper care, the costume should stay the same after washing.
  • DIY when you can’t find a solid option. If you can’t find a Bluey costume that you like for yourself or your child, you can make one. Put together an outfit with colors that match the character. Use a hot glue gun to carefully attach pieces of felt to add markings like the belly. You can also make a mask with felt or attach felt to a hooded shirt or hat.
  • Hooded costumes are harder to keep on. When a child runs or the wind blows, it is likely that a hood will fall down. Without the hood, it is harder to tell what the costume is. Bluey costumes with separate Velcro hats are the easiest to keep on, especially for younger children and babies who might pull headwear off.

Did You Know?

Bluey’s dad is named Bandit, and her mom is named Chilli.




Q. How can a family of more than four people match in Bluey costumes?

A. There are many more characters to choose from besides Bluey, her sister, and her parents. If you have more than four family members, you could DIY costumes for Bluey’s cousin, Muffin, and friends Jack, Rusty, Lucky, Mackenzie, and Indy. Each character has its own look, which is helpful when wearing matching costumes. They also have distinct personalities that can shine through their costumes. If grandparents are tagging along, they can have fun dressing up as Bluey’s grandparents.

Q. Where can I purchase Bluey costumes?

A. Some Bluey costumes are sold in pop-up Halloween stores. Most are found online at retailers like Amazon and Walmart. The Bluey official website lists retailers of a few costumes they have available.

Q. Are Bluey costumes washable?

A. Inspect the label or online product listing for care instructions. Some costumes may be machine washed on a delicate cycle, but most sellers recommend hand washing both the body suit and hat. Hang the costume to dry.

Q. Are Bluey costumes safe to sleep in?

A. Your child might love Bluey so much that they refuse to take the costume off for bedtime! Depending on the fit of the costume, it should be safe for older children to wear to bed and feel like loose-fitting one-piece pajamas. Leave any headwear off, and make sure the child won’t get too hot.

5 Best Bluey Costumes - Mar. 2024 - BestReviews (2024)


How do you dress up as Bluey? ›

For this inexpensive Disney costume, all you will need is a blue or orange sweatshirt with a hood, felt in different colors, a permanent marker, the mask template found at bluey.tv, a hot glue gun, and optional blue or orange pants and shoes.

Who is the favorite child in Bluey? ›

When Dad rebels and shows how much of a handful he can really be, Bluey puts her foot down and declares that Snowdrop is her favourite child. Diddums is devastated and Bluey finally recognises why Dads don't pick favourites.

What episode of Bluey does chili have a miscarriage? ›

We don't know exactly when she had a miscarriage, but it was hinted in Season 2, episode 16 called “The Show". Bingo and Bluey were putting on a show for their parents while pretending to be Bandit and Chili. Bluey and Bingo were playing around with an inflated balloon indicating a pregnancy.

Is Bluey a girl or a Bo? ›

The creators of "Bluey" have openly stated that Bluey is a girl. This revelation aims to challenge traditional gender norms and present a character that both boys and girls can admire and relate to. Bluey's adventures are universal, showcasing themes of family, friendship, and growth that resonate across genders.

Is Socks autistic in Bluey? ›

Also, Bluey directors never said any character had ADHD or were autistic, ect. They just hinted at it really. The reason Socks acts like a dog is because they're young. In Season 3, Socks can speak, but not very well, since they're still young.

Is Socks on Bluey a girl? ›

First Appearance. Socks Heeler is a secondary character that has appeared in multiple episodes of Bluey. She is Muffin's younger sister, one of Bluey and Bingo's cousins, and the youngest daughter of Stripe and Trixie.

What is the most funniest episode of Bluey? ›

  • 8 "Bedroom" Season 3, Episode 1. ...
  • 7 “Rain” Season 3, Episode 18. ...
  • 6 “Onesies” Season 3, Episode 32. ...
  • 5 “Flat Pack” Season 2, Episode 24. ...
  • 4 “Curry Quest” Season 3, Episode 8. ...
  • 3 “Grandad” Season 2, Episode 27. ...
  • 2 “Sleepytime” Season 2, Episode 26. ...
  • 1 “Camping” Season 1, Episode 43.
Dec 21, 2023

What is the lowest rated Bluey episode? ›

Conversation. Did you know that the lowest-rated Bluey episode on IMDB so far is "Wild Girls" with a rating of 6.7? While it might not be everyone's favorite, remember that every episode of Bluey is special in its own way! Keep spreading the love for our favorite Heeler family!

What season is perfect in Bluey? ›

Perfect - Bluey (Season 3, Episode 1) - Apple TV.

Did Chilli have a miscarriage? ›

This assumption was later confirmed by show creator Joe Brumm when he told author Isabelle Oderberg that, "The Show indeed does point at Chilli having a miscarriage."

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