7 Amazing Ways To Remove Stains From Baby Clothes Naturally (2024)

Babies spit up, drool and mess their clothes which stain all the cute clothes you just bought for them. It is important to have almost negligible chemicals in the detergents used to wash babies’ clothes, as their skin is very sensitive.

If you have don’t want to go through any of the hassles of removing stains from baby clothes check our stain resistant baby clothing that helps you keep your clothes stain free and do less laundry 😊

Here are 5 of my favorite natural ways to remove stains:

1. White Vinegar:

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It surprised me that an everyday element that you use to cook, can be used to fight stains. The easiest way to do this is to just dab lots of white vinegar on the stained part and leave it on for some time.

After a little while, just launder the clothes normally and TA – DA the stain is gone! If the stain is caused by poop and difficult to get rid of – soak the soiled clothing with few tablespoons of vinegar and detergent in a bucket full of water and soak overnight before washing again.

2. Wash or wipe off stains as soon as it happens

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If you catch the stain quickly enough, there is nothing better than washing it immediately to get rid of it.

Not only does it save you the trouble of using stain removers for your baby clothes, but it also prevents the mess from drying up and getting engrained in the fiber of the clothes. Also, if you have stain resistant baby clothes like what we have in our store, you can simply wipe off any mess without letting it set. You don’t need to worry about the mess spoiling your adorable baby clothes!

3. Use caution with protein stains

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Protein stains that come from bodily fluids, even from pets, can be easily removed if they are washed with running warm water. But the problem can get worse, if you wash the stain with cold water. The stain tends to set in the clothing fiber and it can then get harder to get rid of.

You can use Hydrogen Peroxide and some natural dish soap on the stain and set it aside for a minute before you wash it again. For the really tough stains that just won’t go, soak the clothes in 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and cold water for a while and wash again.

4. Use lemon essential oil and vinegar

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Essential oils are not only used for their medicinal purposes, but also to remove stains. I know it is amazing. But this is something I read recently and tried out. It worked and I absolutely loved the smell of it too.

You could use the lemon essential oil directly on the stain and then wash it off; taking care not to let the oil stay on the clothes too long or else it may cause discoloration. The other option is to add 8 drops of lemon essential oil and a cup of vinegar in a bucket full of cold water and soak for a while. Then rinse it to remove the stains. This works beautifully on “tough to get rid of” stains.

5. Baking Soda

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Baking soda is a wonder powder that serves so many purposes and one of them is it’s ability to fight stains. I tried mixing baking soda with few drops of vinegar to make a paste and applied it to the stained spots on the baby clothes.

Voila, the stains easily went after I let it sit for sometime and then washed. This is a magic mix when you don’t have a very stubborn stain and don’t want an any chemicals in the mix.

6.Good Old Friend…The Sun

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The best, free and abundant stain-remover is our friend sun. An hour or two in the sun can be surprisingly good for not only killing germs, but also to make the stains less noticeable. But please do remember, that just sunning baby clothes is not an alternative for washing them.

Washing does help with removing stubborn stains like poop and protein stains. If you use cloth diapers, sunning helps with getting rid of lingering stains on diapers; after washing. Sun has the amazing property of removing milk stains which could have been caused by breastmilk/ formula. This kind of stain can turn yellow when it stays on the clothes for sometime. Sun can help reduce these stains.

7. Borax Powder

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Borax is a powerful stain remover. It occurs naturally and is composed of sodium, boron, oxygen and water. Borax doesn’t have any toxic component and is safe. However, just a word of caution while using Borax….make sure to wash the clothes well after using it, as it may cause irritation to the skin of some babies.

This ingredient is readily available in all homemade laundry detergents and is very powerful when it comes to removing stains. It softens hard water and helps control odor. It is especially useful removing stains from cloth diapers which have stubborn poop stains.

Managing baby laundry

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We know as new moms, removing those stains take a lot of hard work! Laundry, with small kids at home, takes a lot of time and energy. Especially when babies are spitting up, self-feeding and making messes learning new tricks and skills. Hence, learning to manage ‘baby-laundry’ is essential.

Babies go through many outfit changes every day. You could either buy many outfits and change your baby multiple times a day, or you could buy few clothes and wash them many times a day. Either way is expensive. More clothes cost more money and more laundry costs more money too. Right? Every penny counts when you are a new parent and are trying to optimize your “post-baby” budget!

I hope you loved all the various suggestions and one of them works for you.

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7 Amazing Ways To Remove Stains From Baby Clothes Naturally (2024)
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