Child Care Williams Landing - Future Kids Childcare (2024)

Welcome to Future Kids Child Care-Williams Landing

It is located on the first floor at the Williams Landing Shopping Centre near the Woolworths Supermarket.

It has 6 rooms to look after 106 children, from babies to kinder-aged children.

All meals provided are prepared fresh daily at the centre’s kitchen and our nutrition plan follow the recommendations of Nutrition Australia and other recommendations through the Early Years framework for healthy eating.

Danielle Drinkwater

Centre Manager

Telephone: 03 7001 6968


Level 1, 102 Overton Road
Williams Landing VIC 3027

As you enter our service you are greeted by an area, we have created a space that allows our parents, families and visitors to the centre to take the weight off their feet while they are at the centre, whether waiting for their child or taking some time out. With a variety of books to read or loan we endeavour to make those who are visiting Future Kids to feel welcomed and comfortable.

Our book resource invites those who use it to donate a book or take one home through our take and return system.

  • Our philosophy:
  • Future Kids Williams Landing is a community of dynamic and dedicated educators and staff, and families who are welcomed into a warm and nurturing Early Childhood environment.Here you will find a centre that strives to provide high quality education and care to the children in our care.
  • We are at this opportune time to be a part of a child’s life, right at their early years, and we nurture and provide them a safe environment, where they can grow and thrive.We believe that each child is unique.They bring in their character, personality, talents, ideas, and culture, and we celebrate them, so they know they belong.Here in their community apart from home, they are respected, supported, and celebrated.They belong.
  • We value our families, their voice, and their involvement.Our utmost aim is to foster an atmosphere that encourages the children to grow and learn.We believe that this vision will be realised only when we work hand in hand with them.We uphold their cultural and family values, and beliefs, embedding them in our celebrations, learning experiences, and everyday practices.
  • Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are valued.We aim to know more so we can do more to honour the wonderful people and culture that brought all of us together.
  • We believe that the community plays an important role in shaping our children to become the kind, responsible adults of the future.We recognise our community’s rich diversity, treating everyone with respect and equity, ensuring that we include every child, providing opportunities for them to feel that they belong.We set out to introduce each child to the world around them, because they are an intrinsic part of the greater whole.
  • We embrace the Early Years Learning Framework as a guide to support our Educators in providing an educational program that is rich and meaningful to the children.We support every child, meeting them where they are in their age, stage of development and needs.We endeavour to work hand in hand with their families and carers, to provide them the best care and learning environment.We take advantage of what the technology can offer, to continually support families, and the children’s learning, ready to be accessed anytime, anywhere.The Early Years Learning Framework – Belonging, Being, Becoming – guides our practice in seeing all children as successful, competent individuals.Believing that the children are capable learners, we foster the children’s sense of agency, encouraging them to be active participants in their learning.
  • We stand by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as we advocate for every child’s right to play, to learn, to grow in a safe and warm environment.We consist of people from diverse backgrounds, but we work with a common aim:to celebrate each child so they can be the best that they can be now, and in the future.Together we stand here, right at the beginning of a child’s life, understanding the power of our words and our presence.We will be the voice that speaks to them, “You are amazing!We believe in you and in what you can do!”

Play Spaces

Caring for the planet.

Reuse, recycle and create.

Please conduct the Future Kids Williams Landing team for further information on their centre or organize a tour of our facilities and answer all your questions.!

Child Care Williams Landing - Future Kids Childcare (2024)


Is Kinder the same as daycare? ›

Day care providers conduct age-appropriate developmental activities for children, whereas kindergarten teachers structure subject-based activities to promote the academic skills of children.

Will my child ever get used to daycare? ›

Most children will adjust to their new surroundings within a week or two. Some children may take longer than others and may need extra attention and reassurance from their parents. If your child has been going to the same daycare for some time, you may want to ask the daycare provider about any changes in the routine.

What is the difference between Montessori and Kinder? ›

While in a traditional Kindergarten classroom every child must follow one path set out by the teacher, a Montessori Kindergarten education follows the individual child's interests using observation. Montessori Kindergarten classrooms are intentionally prepared in advance according to each child's requirements.

What is the difference between preschool and pre kinder? ›

In preschool, the students are between 2 and 4 years old. Children in pre-K, however, are around 4 or 5 years old. This is because pre-K is meant to take place the year before kindergarten to prepare children for the social and academic challenges ahead.

What is the best age to put a child in daycare? ›

Infants between 1 to 12 months require special one-on-one care from their parents or immediate caregivers since they are unable to autonomously maneuver in their surroundings. Hence enrolling your child into a daycare center after they turn 12 to 14 months of age can be the ideal age to start.

Are toddlers better off in daycare? ›

If the parent wants to work, the baby will be better off in daycare. If the parent doesn't want to go to the office, the baby is better off at home. Daycare has a wealth of developmental toys, social interaction and learning how to follow social cues. Home can offer the same, when the at home parent is engaged.

How long is too long for daycare? ›

A study conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) showed that children spending more than 30 hours a week in daycare might exhibit more behavioral problems than those spending less time.

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