Social Security recipient says they were given '0' dollars after overpayment (2024)

A SOCIAL Security recipient has claimed they saw distributions of $0 for several months after an overpayment issue.

The fuming American said they wouldn't get their typical amounts from the government in the future.



They argued that the Social Security Administration (SSA) was responsible for the error.

"As most know for the past 3 years Social Security has paid me 0 for many months, or a percentage of my income depending, apparently, on the whim of its staff," the frustrated resident wrote in a post to Facebook.

"They claim that Social Security (not me) has made a mistake and 'accidentally' overpaid me."

The recipient continued to claim that "thousands" have been affected by a similar problem.

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They also noted a statement from the current SSA director, Martin J O'Malley, in March.

O'Malley confirmed the decrease of overpayment recovery rates to 10% of each check sent to recipients until the outstanding amount is paid back.

Despite the confirmation from the SSA about the rates, the recipient claimed it was a "feel-good lie," and they were still seeing $0 payments.

"Instead of getting my Social Security check on the 2nd Wednesday of March, I received 0," they wrote.

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"I then got a letter saying I would get 0 ZERO until July 24, 2024."

The recipient claimed the letter informed them that they would get about $471 on July 24, a reduced amount.

'This is my money,' rages woman after Social Security took $233 monthly from retirement over SS overpayment error

They'd then get the complete amount re-instated afterward, seemingly to resolve the overpayment error.

The resident added they were only able to resolve the alleged $0 payment in March because they went to their local Social Security office and "simply wept."

Another person responded to the resident claiming a nearly identical problem with the SSA — but they said they were initially able to get only $86 taken out of each check for three years to resolve the overpayment.

They then appealed the overpayment through a crucial form called the SSA-632 and got the money back in the distributions.


As The U.S. Sun previously reported, Social Security overpayments have been a problem for thousands of Americans since last year.

Some recipients have said they've gotten letters requiring them to pay back tens of thousands of dollars from the SSA they hadn't realized was an issue for years.

One couple was told they'd have to pay back $37,000 in one month.

After being persistent with contacting the administration, they were ultimately able to absolve the outstanding amount.

The same couldn't be said about another, who's fiancée who got a letter about a $66,000 overpayment.

There was even one American who claimed they were ordered to send back over $100,000 in overpayments they were never notified about.

Filing Waiver Form SSA-632

Those who cannot afford to pay back the overpayment amounts noted by the SSA or feel they should not have to can file a specific form.

  • The form is identified as SSA-632 on the SSA website and can be filled out and submitted at a local office.
  • "If you agree that you have been overpaid, but you feel you should not have to pay it back because you did not cause the overpayment and you cannot afford to repay it, you should file Form SSA-632," the SSA notes on its website.
  • It also lists multiple repayment options.
  • Recipients with additional questions are urged to call 1-800-772-1213.


In October 2023, former SSA director Kilolo Kijakazi told Americans there would be an extensive review of "overpayment policies and procedures."

She even noted that a specialized team would be working on the matter directly out of her office.

O'Malley took over as director in December 2023, and it's unclear what the progress is on policy and procedure review.

SSA spokesperson Darren Luz told The U.S. Sun that the administration works diligently to "inform people about the fact and the amount of the overpayment, their right to appeal, and the options to repay, or, in some cases, have the money waived."

"We examine each waiver request to determine, among other factors, if the person caused the debt and their ability to repay."

"Each person's situation is unique, and we handle them on a case-by-case basis," Lutz added.

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For more related content, check out The U.S. Sun's coverage of a Social Security recipient hit with an overpayment of over $7,000 and who claims they're not at fault.

The U.S. Sun also has the story of an American who cried out that the SSA "took all my benefits" after an overpayment of $13,000.

Social Security recipient says they were given '0' dollars after overpayment (2024)


What are the new rules for Social Security overpayment? ›

Last Updated: April 17, 2024

Social Security announced it will decrease the default overpayment withholding rate for Social Security beneficiaries to ten percent (or $10, whichever is greater) from 100 percent, significantly reducing financial hardship on people with overpayments.

Can Social Security take your whole check for overpayment? ›

You can tell SSA that you want to repay it in small amounts each month that you can afford. SSA can withhold all of your Social Security benefits to repay the overpayment. However, unless there is fraud involved, they will usually let you pay it back in smaller amounts.

Can a benefit overpayment be written off? ›

The DWP can agree to waiver (write off) the overpayment. However this will usually only be done in exceptional circ*mstances where recovery action will result in severe welfare issues for you or your family. The DWP will also look into the circ*mstances of the overpayment.

What is the burden of proof for Social Security overpayment? ›

The burden of proof for determining whether a beneficiary was at fault for an overpayment will shift from the beneficiary to the SSA. Most beneficiaries who request repayment plans will be able to get up to five years to pay off the debt.

Do I have to pay back a Social Security overpayment? ›

Please pay us back if your benefit amount was more than it should have been. If you got a letter in the mail that says you got more money than you should have, please pay us back within 30 days. Benefits are overpaid when we can't accurately calculate your benefit amount because our information is wrong or incomplete.

Do you get a refund if you overpay Social Security? ›

You may be entitled to a refund if you paid excess tier 1 RRTA tax over the tier 1 RRTA compensation base or if you paid excess Social Security tax over the Social Security wage base.

What happens with Social Security overpayment? ›

Social Security will send you a notice explaining the overpayment with a request for you to repay the amount within 30 days of the notice. If you are receiving SSDI payments, Social Security will withhold the full amount of your benefit each month, unless you request a lesser withholding amount.

Is Social Security overpayment considered a federal debt? ›

In bankruptcy, Social Security overpayments are treated as unsecured debts similar to credit card debt and medical bills. So if you are unable to pay back your Social Security overpayment, filing for bankruptcy relief can allow you to discharge your obligation to the SSA.

Is a payee responsible for overpayment? ›

Where a representative payee receives an overpayment of benefits on behalf of a beneficiary, the payee and the beneficiary may, under certain circ*mstances, be jointly and individually liable for the overpayment.

What does offset of overpayment mean? ›

If you do not repay your overpayment and are owed a state or federal income tax refund, the EDD will take the overpayment from these refunds per section 12419.5 of the California Government Code. This is known as a tax offset. You can avoid a tax offset if you repay your overpayment full before your taxes are offset.

What is the reason for overpayment? ›

An overpayment occurs when someone pays more than the required or agreed-upon amount for a product or service. It can happen due to various reasons, such as a billing error, incorrect calculations, or misunderstandings between the payer and the recipient.

How do I find out how much I owe social security? ›

You can get your Social Security Statement (Statement) online by using your personal my Social Security account. Your online Statement gives you secure and convenient access to estimates for retirement, disability, and survivors benefits you and your family may be eligible for.

How do I beat Social Security overpayment? ›

If you agree that you have been overpaid and are willing to pay it back, but cannot afford to pay it back at the rate we tell you in the letter, you should file Form SSA-634, Request for Change in Overpayment Recovery Rate. We will stop recovering the overpayment until we make a decision on your request.

How do I respond to a Social Security overpayment? ›

Appeal the overpayment if you don't agree that you've been overpaid, or you believe the amount is incorrect. You can request a non-medical reconsideration online or you can submit a completed SSA-561, Request for Reconsideration, to your local Social Security office.

What if my SSA overpayment is unfair? ›

If you got a letter in the mail that says you were overpaid and need to pay us back, you can request a waiver. Ask us to waive repayment if you can't afford it and feel the error wasn't your fault, or if you believe the overpayment is unfair for another reason.

What happens if you don't pay back a SSI overpayment? ›

Loss of Benefits

If you don't repay the SSA for an overpayment of SSDI benefits, your access to future benefits may be in jeopardy. Typically, the SSA will halt future SSDI benefit checks for the time that an overpayment is unresolved.

At what age is Social Security no longer taxed? ›

Social Security income can be taxable no matter how old you are. It all depends on whether your total combined income exceeds a certain level set for your filing status. You may have heard that Social Security income is not taxed after age 70; this is false.

How do I get the $16728 Social Security bonus? ›

Have you heard about the Social Security $16,728 yearly bonus? There's really no “bonus” that retirees can collect. The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a specific formula based on your lifetime earnings to determine your benefit amount.

How much money can you have in the bank on Social Security retirement? ›

To get SSI, your countable resources must not be worth more than $2,000 for an individual or $3,000 for a couple. We call this the resource limit.

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