The 9 Best Burp Cloths (2024)

ByHeather Corley

Updated on April 21, 2022

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Burp cloths are handy when it comes to taking care of a baby. They’re great for catching any spit up baby leaves behind after burping. You’ll find they typically come in a generously sized rectangular or square shape, and cover the shoulder (but have lots of other uses too).

When you’re shopping for a burp cloth, you’ll want to consider the type of material to ensure it will catch anything baby spits up. Also, double check the size and quality so you’ll know it’ll fit perfectly over your shoulder while still keeping your clothes as safe as possible.We carefully considered design, material, value, washing instructions, ease of cleaning, and absorbency when reviewing products.

Here are the best burp cloths on the market.

The aden + anais Burpy Bib is our top pick because these cute burp cloths are made of several layers of super-soft, super-absorbent muslin. The fabric is really sturdy, so it holds up nicely through lots of washings, but it also gets softer over time, so it feels nice on baby's skin. Plus, the cloths curve on one side so that you can easily lay them over your shoulder while you're burping baby.

There are snaps on this burp rag so you can fasten it around your baby's neck and use it as a bib, too. Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs cost about $12 for one or about $20 for two. They come in several themes and colors as well.

Key Specs:
Cotton | Dimensions: 22.5 x 11 inches | Quantity per Pack: 2

Best Organic

Milkbarn Organic Burp Cloths

The 9 Best Burp Cloths (2)

These square burp cloths measure 23 inches across and are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton muslin. They're simple but effective, and attractive to boot. The owl and elephant patterns are incredibly cute, but there are several other patterns available. Check out the dogs, chickens, ducks, peaches, and more. They come in sets of two, and they're coordinated in shades of blue, gray, orange, purple and rose.

Key Specs:
Material: Cotton | Dimensions: 23 x 23 inches | Quantity per Pack: 2

Most Durable

Gerber 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers

The 9 Best Burp Cloths (3)

It might sound silly to a non-parent, but prefold diapers make fantastic burp cloths. After all, their main purpose in life is to absorb! Gerber Birdseye prefolds are one of the best inexpensive options for burp rags. They're big enough to cover a lot of your clothing, they're practically indestructible, and they soak up plenty of baby yuck. You can even find them in different colors. At under $10 for a package of four, you can't beat the price on these if you need to buy a bunch.

Key Specs:
Material: Cotton | Dimensions: 23 x 23 inches | Quantity per Pack: 10

Best Budget

Comfy Cubs Muslin Burp Cloths

The 9 Best Burp Cloths (4)

These burp cloths are made of 100% cotton that’s extremely absorbent (6 layers!) and soft. When folded out, they’re 20 inches by 10 inches, which will cover any shoulder, or you can fold them in half for a smaller, but thick absorbent layer.

The breathable fabric is perfect for you and baby, and once you’re finished using it, you can simply throw it in the washing machine. The entire set comes with 6 cloths for less than $13, too.

Key Specs:
Material: Cotton | Dimensions: 20 x 10 inches | Quantity per Pack: 6

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Best Flannel

QuiltsandGiftsGalore Baby Burp Cloths Set

Made with soft flannel, these adorable burp cloths are sure to be stylish even when they get dirty. You can choose from six different pattern options, which include patterns like fish, owls, elephants, and more.

Each cloth is approximately 17.5 x 8.5 inches and handmade in a contoured design to fit the shoulder comfortably. The flannel material helps the cloth from slipping during any burping time.

Key Specs:
Material: Flannel | Dimensions: 17.5 x 8.5 inches | Quantity per Pack: 4 or 6

Best for Comfort

Kyapoo Microfiber Fleece Burp Cloths

The 9 Best Burp Cloths (6)

Made with super-soft microfiber coral fleece fabric, these burp cloths are sure to be useful for baby and you. They measure 22 inches by 10.8 inches and come in four different edge colors as a fun twist on a plain burp cloth.

They come in a pack of 8, so you’ve got plenty for the day or however many you need. And they’re great at bath time as washcloths, too.

Key Specs:
Material: Microfiber coral fleece | Dimensions: 22 x 10.8 inches | Quantity per Pack: 8

Best Multipurpose

Munchkin Colic & Fever Rescue Kit

The 9 Best Burp Cloths (7)

These burp cloths are designed to not only catch any messes, but to also aid in teething pain, fevers, and more. The burp cloths are divided into three parts: a soft area of cotton and two inserts for gel packs. You can freeze the gel pack for a little one’s fevers and insert a warming gel pack on the bottom for baby’s tummy or colic.

The gel packs can be used for more than just colic and fevers, too. Many parents and caregivers use them for teething pains, an upset stomach, bumps or bruises, and blocked milk ducts.

Key Specs:
Cotton | Dimensions: 20 x 9.75 inches | Quantity per Pack: 2

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Best Muslin

Natemia Baby Burp Cloths

The 9 Best Burp Cloths (8)

These rectangle burp cloths measure 21 inches by 11 inches, so they’re perfect for any shoulder. They have a simple design and come in different color options, like dark orange, white, mustard yellow, and more.

Expect a soft and luxurious feel to the cloths as they’re made from bamboo fabric and cotton. You’ll quickly realize just how much they’ll become a diaper bag staple.

Key Specs:
Material: Bamboo fabric and cotton | Dimensions: 21 x 11 inches | Quantity per Pack: 3

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Best Absorbent

Copper Pearl Premium Burp Cloths

The 9 Best Burp Cloths (9)

Measuring 21 x 10 inches, this oversized burp cloth is designed to fit anyone's shoulder without a mess being left behind. These burp cloths were designed with comfort in mind for not only you or another caregiver, but baby, too. Made with 100% ultra-soft cotton, you can pick from solid colors or patterns.

Aside from their large size, these burp cloths also feature a specially designed absorbent layer. The middle layer is made with fleece to prevent any messes from soaking through. And, the burp cloths can easily be cleaned by simply tossing them in the washing machine and then tumble drying on low heat.

Key Specs:
Material: Cotton | Dimensions: 21 x 10 inches | Quantity per Pack: 3

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Final Verdict

Made of several layers of super-soft, super-absorbent muslin, you’ll want to check out the Aden + Anais Burpy Bib (view at Amazon). Not only did they make our Best Overall pick, but they curve on one side so that you can easily lay them over your shoulder while you're burping baby. There’s also the Munchkin Theraburpee Colic and Fever Rescue Kit (view at Amazon). The burp cloths are divided into three parts: a soft area of cotton and two inserts for gel packs designed for colic, fevers, teething pain, and more.

What to Look for in Baby Burp Cloths


Check the material of the burp cloths you're considering before making your final purchase. Some materials are more absorbent than others which is essential when it comes to burping a baby. You’ll want a material that can hold any amount of moisture it takes in.

If you’re unsure of where to start, check out burp cloths made with cotton or bamboo first. These materials are extremely absorbent so any moisture they take in will keep you more dry in the long run. Because you never know how much baby will spit up, it’s vital to buy burp cloths made with an absorbent fabric.


You want to ensure that a burp cloth is big enough to cover your shoulder (or anyone else’s who might be burping baby). Since not all burp cloths are the same size, you’ll want to double check before buying so you know you’ll be protected.

Most burp cloths measure around 20 x 11 inches, which should be suitable for most parents. Some burp cloths even come in a contoured shape. These are designed to look more than like an hourglass than a rectangle, so you don't have flaps of fabric hanging off the side of your shoulder.


While you want to keep yourself and your clothing dry, you also want baby to be comfortable during burping. A cloth that soaks up spit-up to keep it away from baby's face feels better for them.

Some burp cloths are made of multiple layers. These can help trap moisture inside the cloth, leaving the surfaces (that touch your clothing and your baby's face) more clean and dry.


You’ll also want burp cloths that can withstand a lot of washing. Babies can be unpredictable, especially when it comes to spit-up, so you’ll be washing them often and want cloths that are machine washable and won’t be worn out after a few trips through the washer and dryer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many burp cloths do I need?

    How many burp cloths you will need depends on how much spit-up your baby generates, which is hard to predict until you have your baby home with you and are in a routine. A general rule of thumb is to have one burp cloth for every two newborn feedings. If you get fewer burp cloths, be prepared to do more laundry.It’s always best to get more than you think you will need, and adding burp cloths to your baby registry is a good idea. You can repurpose them as cleaning rags.

  • How do I sanitize burp cloths?

    To help keep baby's face fresh and clean, replace your burp cloth frequently. Most can be washed in the washing machine. Depending on the type of fabric, some can be put in the dryer. Check the tag to get specific recommendations for laundering your burp cloths to keep them in the best shape possible. Try not to use bleach if at all possible because it could irritate your baby's skin.

  • How many layers should a burp cloth have?

    It depends on how absorbent the fabric of the burp cloth is, but most burp cloths should have more than one layer. Multiple layers help absorb more spit-up, keeping both you and baby cleaner and fresher. A burp cloth with more layers can also help keep the integrity of the fabric together after multiple runs through the washing machine. The best material for burp cloths depends on your lifestyle and desires, but generally, cotton, muslin, and bamboo are best because they absorb the most moisture. That’s helpful when you are dealing with a lot of spit-up in the early months. Fleece, microfiber, and flannel are also options.

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Material: The material of the burp cloth is crucial for its absorbency. Cotton and bamboo are mentioned as absorbent materials commonly used in burp cloths. Muslin, microfiber coral fleece, and flannel are also mentioned as material options.

Size: The size of the burp cloth should be adequate to cover the shoulder while burping the baby. Most burp cloths measure around 20 x 11 inches, but some may come in a contoured shape to fit more comfortably on the shoulder.

Absorbency: A burp cloth with good absorbency helps keep both the caregiver and the baby dry and comfortable. Multiple layers in a burp cloth can help trap moisture and keep the surfaces that touch the caregiver's clothing and the baby's face clean and dry.

Durability: Burp cloths should be able to withstand frequent washing since babies can be unpredictable with spit-up. Machine-washable cloths that maintain their integrity after multiple trips through the washer and dryer are recommended.

The article also provides specific product recommendations for different categories, such as best overall, best organic, most durable, best budget, best flannel, best for comfort, best multipurpose, best muslin, and best absorbent burp cloths. It includes key specifications for each product, such as the material, dimensions, and quantity per pack.

Additionally, the article addresses frequently asked questions about burp cloths, including the number of burp cloths needed, how to sanitize them, and the recommended number of layers for a burp cloth.

Remember, it's important to consider individual preferences and needs when choosing burp cloths for your baby.

The 9 Best Burp Cloths (2024)


The 9 Best Burp Cloths? ›

Organic Cotton – By far the most popular. Organic cotton is a favourite to use as it is all-natural. It is low maintenance and comfortable. And is absorbent which is ideal for burping pads.

What fabric makes the best burp cloths? ›

Organic Cotton – By far the most popular. Organic cotton is a favourite to use as it is all-natural. It is low maintenance and comfortable. And is absorbent which is ideal for burping pads.

How many burp cloths will I need? ›

It depends on how often your young one spits up, the number of feedings(which are unnumbered as they are still breastfeeding), and how often you want to do the laundry. But anywhere between eight to 14 burp cloths is a good number to have for a single baby.

What are the best cloth diapers for burp cloths? ›


Prefold diapers are thicker and more absorbent than flats, making them slightly better for using as burp cloths. Prefold cloth diapers are an economical choice for many parents who want to use cloth diapers.

What should I look for in a burp cloth? ›

The best materials for baby bibs and burp cloths are naturally sourced fabrics that are soft, absorbent, breathable and machine-washable. Many new parents opt for organic cotton and Oeko-Tex certified linens for peace of mind about what comes into contact with their babies' skin.

How many layers of flannel do I need for a burp cloth? ›

I only use two flannels no batting when making burp cloths. I have seen some in LQS that use just two layers of flannel. They feel really soft and I bet they are absorbent. I have been making burp clothes using flannel on one side and a prefolded diaper on the other.

What is the best color for a burp cloth? ›

You can have lighter colors in your baby tool kit as well, but it is best to use darker ones for everyday use. Now, if you're looking for an economical way to get the best baby burp cloths, then here is a tip: look for sets.

Can you use tea towels as burp cloths? ›

Tea Towels – You can use a tea towel instead. They are a good size and absorbent. The main negative is that most are pretty ugly. And you might not like drying the dishes with them once you know what they have been used for.

How often should you wash burp cloths? ›

You should change them once they are wet or covered in spit-up. Our handmade burp cloths are designed so you can use one side, and then flip around to use the other. Meaning you could use them a minimum of two times. But if your baby doesn't spit up a lot you may be able to use them up to 10 times before washing.

Should you wash burp cloths before use? ›

It's always a good idea to wash everything before you use it when it comes to babies. Bibs, clothing, towels, feeding utensils, pacifiers, toys, bedding, etc. If bottles, wash and sterlize between each use.

Are copper pearl burp cloths worth it? ›

One of our favorites for absorbency is the Copper Pearl. It has a fleece inner core that makes it one of the most absorbent options in our review. Built for being absorbent, the Gerber Prefold is also a top performer, letting hardly any liquid through the numerous layers of gauze weave fabric.

What is the difference between a burp cloth and a muslin cloth? ›

Muslin Cloth v's Burping Cloths

Use – These are used during feeding to wipe away small amounts of milk. While spit-up pads protect you and your clothes when burping a newborn. Size – Muslin cloths are square in shape and measure 25cm x 25cm. They are smaller in size than spit-up rags.

Can you use minky fabric for burp cloths? ›

I have used this method to sew burp clothes for all of my own kids and they are always a great baby shower gift too! If you are new to sewing, this tutorial is for you! If sewing with the minky fabric makes you a little nervous you can always use chenille because it doesn't slip around as much as the minky fabric can.

How do you do the burp trick? ›

Hold your baby sitting up, in your lap or across your knee.

Support your baby's chest and head with one hand by cradling your baby's chin in the palm of your hand. Rest the heel of your hand on your baby's chest, but be careful to grip your baby's chin, not the throat. Use the other hand to pat your baby's back.

Why are burp cloths thicker in the middle? ›

Some burp cloths are designed to be thicker in the middle to catch and absorb the bulk of spit-up or vomit, keeping it away from your clothes.

Is it rude to burp without covering your mouth? ›

In many cultures, burping is considered rude or uncivilized behavior, particularly when it is done loudly or without covering one's mouth. In more formal or professional settings, burping is generally considered inappropriate, as it can be seen as a breach of etiquette or professionalism.

Are muslin burp cloths better? ›

The best fabric for burp cloths is one that's soft, absorbent and fast-drying. If in doubt go for a burp cloth made from natural materials like cotton or muslin.

What is most absorbent fabric? ›

The most common absorbent fibre used is cotton, but other fabrics have recently been designed that are more absorbent, such as modal, micro-modal, Tencel®, and other viscose-based fibres. All of these are made from the same base material – plant cellulose – which loves water.

Does Minky fabric work for burp cloths? ›

These burp cloths are ridiculously easy to make–seriously, if you can sew in a straight line, you can make these. They are so much softer and cuter than cloth diapers, and they make perfect baby shower gifts. Whip up several, and grab them whenever you need a quick gift.

What is burp cloth fabric? ›

A burp cloth is a piece of fabric used as a barrier between your baby's spit-up and your clothing. The burp cloth is placed between your baby's mouth and your shoulder when you burp them to aid their digestion. The idea is for the spit-up to land on the burp cloth instead of your clothes.

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